The school believes that homework is central to the learning process. It aids coverage of the curriculum and can help raise achievement. Homework improves students' study skills, independence in learning and consolidates and extends the work covered in the classroom. It also enables staff to check that students have understood work introduced in lessons.

Homework also provides a foundation for successful independent life-long learning. Assessment of homework will form an important part of the overall Assessment, Recording and Reporting policy.

  Types of Homework  

Homework will take a variety of forms and will reflect the differences between subjects and the topics being studied at any one time. It is seen as extending and enriching classroom activities, and not just for the purpose of finishing classwork. Types of homework might include:- research, drafting, worksheets, sketching, drawing, designing, learning vocabulary, writing and reading, model making, simple experiments, revision, set questions, investigations and extended pieces of work. As a school we recognise, in the setting of homework, that access to reference material will vary widely amongst our students.

  Timetable and Frequency  

A homework timetable will be established at the commencement of each academic year. It will indicate on which nights homework will need to be completed and students will have a record of this in their planners.

  Home-School Planner and Recording of Homework  

Each student is given a Home-School Planner at the beginning of the school year. All students must record homework in their Home-School Planner by noting the subject, details of the task, date of expected completion. A record must also be kept each week of homework and in particular coursework, which is set over a longer period of time than a week. Recording homework in the Home-School Planner is the students’ responsibility. Where no homework is set ‘none set’ should be recorded by the students.

  Amount of Homework and Completion  

The amount of homework will gradually increase as students pass through the school, and will vary given the differing abilities of students. The intrinsic value of a homework task is more important than the time allotted to it, but the following times are guidelines for both staff and students.

Year 7  students will have two or three subjects per evening, with a completion time of approximately thirty minutes for each subject. This will be phased in over the first month of the Autumn term.

Year 8  students will have two or three subjects per evening, with a completion time of up to thirty or forty-five minutes for each subject.

Year 9  students will have two or three subjects per evening with a completion time of approximately thirty to forty five minutes per subject.

Year 10 and 11  students studying for GCSE should expect to do at least two hours homework per night. At GCSE level, homework may often take the form of extended pieces of coursework, which may last several weeks or a month. Students are expected to take an increasing level of responsibility for planning and completing such work.

Years 12 and 13  homework will depend upon the students' individual programmes of study. Students should record and complete all homework missed through absence. It is expected that homework tasks be completed on time and that work is handed in as requested by staff. Homework should always reflect the best possible standard of work that a student can produce.


Parents are asked to provide a reasonably peaceful and suitable place for homework to be done. Parents should ensure that homework is completed, should encourage their daughter/son to set aside a regular time to complete tasks, and monitor the length of time spent on homework. Parents of students in Years 7-9 are asked to sign the Home-School Planner on a weekly basis to signify that homework has been completed and they can share any concerns they may have with their son’s or daughter's Form Tutor. We would ask all parents to make it clear to their child that they value homework.

  Homework Timetable  

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