Sixth Form Transport


Transport Information for Post 16 Students at Sturminster Newton High School

Once a student progresses into Post 16 Education, they are not automatically awarded a seat on a school bus.  Post 16 seats are NOT funded by county and have to be applied for and paid for.  There are various ways of applying for Sixth Form Transport depending on where you live, which school you attend and which bus company covers your area.  This is the information we have been given at the present time and will hopefully answer and queries you may have.

If you live in Dorset, the company supplying school transport for Sturminster students is Vale Coaches.  They can be contacted on 01963 363000 or at where you will need to follow the link on the left for “Sixth Form Information”.  Here you will find details of their services and their application form.  The cost of the pass will be £695 payable in 2 instalments, an initial payment of £395 and one further payment of £300 in October. 

Some students in Dorset may be travelling at present on the public bus network (S2 and X3) which is provided by South West Coaches.  If your son/daughter currently travels with them they will be contacting you in January 2019 advising prices (£596 2018-18) and enclosing an application form for you to complete and return.  This form will register your interest in a surplus seat on their bus.  The seats are issued on a first come first served basis, so it is important you return the forms to them as soon as possible.  You will not be required to make any payment until your seat is allocated and you have confirmed your requirement.  If you do not hear from them in January, you are advised to contact them directly on 01963 33124.

If your son/daughter travels to school on a Damory bus, you will need to contact Go South Coast (operating for Damory) on 01202 338420 to request a Surplus Seat Pass, they will be able to advise of the cost of the pass and how to apply.  It is possible that they may not be in a position until the start of the term to confirm availability but they have assured us they will do their utmost to be accommodating.

If you live in Somerset, you will need to contact Somerset Council at and complete the form to “Request school transport on a paying basis”.  The cost for transport last year was £675 (although it is set to rise for 2018-19) and you are able to pay an annual charge or by monthly instalments.

We are aware the cost of Post 16 transport can be major issue for some parents.  The Post 16 Bursary may be available to you to assist with these costs and, although the applications cannot be processed until the student is actually attending the sixth form, we are more than happy for you to send an application into school as soon as you wish, enabling us to assess it and to advise you of a preliminary outcome.  Further guidance about the bursary, together with an application form, is available on the Information for Parents page of our website.  For further advice, please contact Mrs H Privett in the Sixth Form Office.

Transport Between Sites

The Sixth Form operates a free transport service between the sites. All buses will leave promptly and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are at the bus stop at the correct time. If you miss the bus you may have to pay the cost of a taxi journey or arrange for your parents to collect you in order to get home.

Buses depart from Shaftesbury School bus park (near A block) and from Sturminster Newton High School main school car park.

Every Day – Depart Shaftesbury 08:35. Depart SNHS 08:35

Every Day – Depart Shaftesbury 10:50. Depart SNHS 10:55

The Last bus leaves at different times depending on the day

1Tue, 1Wed, 2Mon, 2Tue, 2Wed – Depart Shaftesbury 13:35. Depart SNHS 13:10

1Mon, 1Thu, 1Fri, 2Thu, 2Fri – Depart Shaftesbury 14:35. Depart SNHS 14:35

1.    If the bus is not there
Please wait, do not just go!!
If the bus does not arrive after five minutes, or if you miss the bus for any reason please go to reception and ask them to contact the Sixth Form Administrator. If you are waiting for the bus at Shaftesbury you could phone Reception on 01747 854498.

2.    If you need to catch a bus you do not normally use, check with the Sixth Form Administrator beforehand to ensure there is a seat on the bus for you.

3.    Sign in on the passenger list on the bus; sign out on the same sheet at Reception when you leave the site. One person should take responsibility to deliver the sign in sheet to Reception at the school when you arrive.

4.    If you need to travel for a lesson that is not covered by the standard bus timetable, speak to the Sixth Form Administrator about this.

5.    If there are problems, please let the Head of Sixth Form know.

There are study areas at both schools where you can work. Squid Cards will work at the canteen at the other school, as long as you have touched the card to the reader at your home school to collect the funds. Boarding students will need to do this in the morning using the card reader in the Main Hall at Shaftesbury School before you catch the bus.

It is important that you sign in and out when you arrive and leave both schools. Although you are registered at your lesson, if there were a fire this information would not be available and there would be no record that you were on the site.