Online Access

Online Access

Sims-Parent is available by sending a request to the school’s office email with your child’s full name and tutor group. Please send your email from the address we already hold on file as this is important for clarification and data protection. Once your details have been confirmed a user name will be allocated and you will receive an invitation email.

What is Sims-Parent?

Sims-Parent is a secure on-line system which allows you to log onto the website using a personal user name and password to access up-to-date information about your child’s progress in school.  This system will allow you to view information that we record about your child through a number of screens you will be able to see information about attendance, attainment, behaviour and be able to access all school reports on-line. 

*NB -  unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support for this facility beyond assisting you with initial account registration. 

Click this link to access Sims-Parent